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Etsy Blog: Dressing Up For a Night out

Imagine my surprise when a friend sent me this link via Facebook Wednesday. “Wow!” Was all I could say! It’s always fun when a feature like this pops up out of nowhere!

A lovely curated list of snazzy outfits and accessories, the “Dressing Up for a Night Out” couldn’t come at a better time. With people choosing and picking outfits for Christmas, holiday parties and New Year’s Eve, the extra press is much appreciated.

View the full Etsy blog post here – and start planning your fancy shmancy get-up today!

I know I’ve been talking talking and talking about cozy fall sweaters and designs. Well, I’m comforted knowing I’m not the only one obsessed with this fall fashion staple!

Becky Striepe included my Sugar Free upcycled cardigan on the site Feelgood Style in a spread on eco-friendly snuggle-worthy tops for the season. View the article on Fall Style here and check out the rest of the blog – you’re in for a treat!

We’re getting more sweatshirt love!

My classic Pierogi Picnic design, “Sugar Free” was featured on the ultra sweet blog Sweet Sincerity in  a spread on fashion pieces for fall. I love the collection as it brings together some adorable and whimsical pieces that really invoke the season. Check out the spread here and enjoy!

It’s incredible how many blogs are out there – scouring the internet for people and small businesses to feature. Each and every time Pierogi Picnic is scooped up for one, I am amazed that in the vast webiverse, I was somehow found.

And Homegrown Illinois is no different! Featuring artisans and people from our grand little state (is it little?) they recently highlighted me and my biz. I am grateful that from all the stories they could have run, they chose me. Check out the article here.


Pierogi Picnic had quite a buzz going right before the Renegade Craft Fair a week back – and it looks like lots of the credit is due to our friends over at My Daily Find. 

My biz was featured in their Style Forecast, “Five Artists to Watch at Renegade Craft Fair Chicago.” We’re so thankful to have been counted as one of their up-and-coming Chicago artisans.!

Guess who made a surprise pit stop by the Pierogi Picnic booth at the Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend? Apparently a photographer from the Chicago Sun-Times!

Imagine my surprise when a friend emailed me a link to their coverage of the event! My new “Point of Light” upcycled ruffle dress takes center stage in the featured picture. I’m stoked, and I hope you are too! Who could ask for better press?!

Take a look at the full photo spread here.

Kelly Lynn O’Brien, the beauty and brains behind Chicago’s newest go-to site for all things green, Eco-Minded Chicago, presented me with the honor of being her first featured designer on the site. Kelly is an inspiration to me on multiple fronts – as a bold vegan, Christian and city-dweller, she embodies the lifestyle I am always striving to achieve, one that’s balanced, authentic and filled with contentment.

Check out my fashion feature on her site, and more importantly, peruse the other contents of the site and you’ll be left feeling inspired and ready to explore the earth-friendly side of Chicago.

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