With the start of the New Year my role on the Eco Etsy team is evolving.

We are doing away with the previous “Eco-Tutorial” series in lieu of daily topics by subject. Imagine what I was given? Inspiration. Perfect! I was so thrilled about the ¬†idea that I spent an hour Saturday collecting thoughts, images, and articles that could encourage, enlighten, or excite. My first post will be debuting tomorrow morning.

Since ardently collecting potential inspirations, I’ve decided to also ‘beef up’ my inspiration series here! So expect to see more outfits, art, and imagery from around the web popping up on the Pierogi Picnic site as well!

And while we’re on the topic – is there something that has inspired you recently? Do you have a favorite blog or website that you turn to regularly to lift your spirit? If you do – please share it in the comments below!